Vision Peak Resources was incorporated in 2013 as a parent  company overseeing a variety of endeavors involving books, recordings and motivational speaking engagements. 

David Rippy

David Rippy attended Villanova University before graduating from Texas A&M University. At age twenty-five, he was just beginning a career at a Fortune 50 company when a car accident left him paralyzed from the shoulders down.

Despite this life-altering injury, he formulated a vision for his life. He became determined to fulfill his ambition to become a money manager—and he did. David went on to have a long and successful career. He worked at Merrill Lynch and the Vanguard Group for years and earned various certifications and licenses in the process.

Today, he’s left the finance field to write, speak, inspire and help others by sharing the story of his own perseverance and triumph.Most recently, Dave founded and oversees, a community organization whose mission is to provide homeless communities in multiple states with the most basic necessities to help change the lives of those who live in fear and have given up hope.  He still believes that there are more miracles to come in his life and works toward new goals and aspirations every day.

Speaking Engagements

Dave has a unique ability to captivate, inspire and motivate his audience.  He weaves his personal story of overcoming seemingly insurmountable challenges with actionable takeaways which connects with his audience and provides the listener with tools for personal and professional success. Dave customizes his presentations to the audience, whether in the healthcare field, financial service industry, centers of education, and has spoken to groups of all sizes.  

New Book Release!

Besides the critically acclaimed autobiography, "Captain of my Soul, Mastering a Destiny Altered," Dave is happy to announce a  book which serves as a practical guide  to help you overcome the greatest challenge of your life.  "A Practical Guide to Surviving and Thriving with Disability or Disease,"  Newly  released is the thought provoking,, "The Immortal Soul & the Journey to Enlightenment," a must read for those who wonder what happens to them at death, why they're here, or if they'll see their departed loved ones again.